Flowers Fit For A Queen

A Fairy Tale by Christopher Jon

Below you will see some of the artwork I’ve created for my 3rd children’s story:  the fairy tale “Flowers Fit For A Queen”.  Click on the images to enlarge them.  Enjoy!

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    Now It’s Time To Know

    By Christopher Zenner

    Below you will find some of the artwork I’ve created for my very first pop/rock album entitled “Now It’s Time To Know”.  Simply click on the images to enlarge them.  Enjoy!


      The Boy Who Sewed Stars

      By Christopher Jon

      There once was a boy who didn’t quite fit in.  Learn about the incredible power of family and forgiveness as one boy saves an entire village…the same village that rejected him.  ”The Boy Who Sewed Stars” is a touching story of acceptance, hope, forgiveness and most importantly…a story of love.  Fully illustrated.

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        The Boy Who Brought Fire: A Collection of Short Stories

        By Christopher Jon

        Take a magical journey into the mind of a very special Boy who uses the fire of his imagination to create a world of wonder. Discover the amazing friends he meets in every chapter, like the enchanting Pegasus, the magical Phoenix, the shy Dragon and the misunderstood Sea Serpent.

        Come and experience the unforgettable world of The Boy Who Brought Fire.  Available in paperback on

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